What We Do

Navigator Programme

The Navigator Programme provides one-to-one support for autistic adults across Cumbria. A trained Navigator will come alongside an individual to identify and overcome any barriers and if needed better understand their autism.

Positive Pals

Positive Pals is a safe and supportive space for autistic adults to meet, socialise and share their experiences. Positive Pals operates in groups across Cumbria.

Discovery Panels

A peer-led course where individuals learn about their autism and share coping strategies.


Training is an important part of Triple A’s offerings. We provide a tailor-made courses for individuals, groups and professionals. Autistic co-facilitators are involved in all our training offering authenticity and insight to the experience.


The Triple A Project is proud to be able to offer, in partnership with Cumbria Police, an Autism Alert Card for individuals on the autism spectrum within Cumbria. The alert card enables those that carry it to identify themselves to workers in emergency services as being on the Autism Spectrum.


“I have been the only person consistently there for my son. It is just exhausting to feel alone. Thank you for being there – makes all the difference.”

Family Member

“Thanks so much, it’s wonderful to know you are there and I can ask you stuff after all this time – thanks for listening.”


“I cannot tell you what a relief this has been to me after feeling alone for so long. Just thinking there is someone there, they can help, they know what the’re doing, they understand; it’s just incredible.”

Positive Pal

“Triple A gives autistic folk the chance to mould their own destiny.”

Positive Pal

“Very informative. Changed my views on what autism means and this session has given me a really good insight into what an individual with autism feels and goes through and should I come across someone with autism, how I can communicate with them.”


“I thought the training was very productive and insightful about all else. Being someone who has worked with autistic children before, but never had a real understanding of it, it has made me think back to all the things I would have done differently to offer better engagement and all the different strategies I could put in place in the future.”


“I have a child with ASC and ADHD and we learnt much more today – lighting, sound, how to talk and approach people how much ASC people feel and why they stim.”


“Really enjoyed the training. Extremely knowledgeable trainers – approachable and easy to ask questions – especially the co-facilitator who said he would not get offended by any questions and made us feel at ease. Made sure we could relate to it at our jobs, which was very useful. Love the saying, “Nothing about us without us”. Will be using the and spreading the word.”


‘Autism Aware’ Film

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